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Wall Street Service for Main Street Business at a Back Street Price

Our passion is growing business. Like raising a child we listen to our clients ideas, we think through practical solutions and come up with creative guidance. Most Importantly, we keep it simple and affordable.

Most small business ventures do not have the financial resources to hire financial and accounting management staff with competencies sufficient to help the business grow. As such, most internal accounting and bookkeeping staffing becomes a sunk cost that the productive operations must bear. We solve that problem by providing an entire accounting department of service. From top notch financial oversight by a certified public accountant with 25+ years of experience managing some of New Mexico's most successful ventures, mid-level management by experienced Controller's and Cost Accountant's, and highly experienced and efficient bookkeeping staff.

Come talk to us and see why organization's including Griffin & Associates, Maid-Brigade, The City of Artesia, The Eddy County Regional Emergency Dispatch Authority and more choose Solutions Group as their accounting go to team.


We Are Proud Of Our Team

Janek N Turk, Technology Officer

Natasha Millenbah, Accounting Intern

Richard E Onsurez, Tax Manager

James B Turk, CPA


Ashleigh Phillips, Bookkeeper


We focus on our skills.

We know our strengths - We stick to our guns - We learn from our experiences - We openly share our knowledge

Certified Public Accountants

Ensuring Professional and Competent Solutions

Technology Development and Utilization

Skilled at creating custom data mining solutions to increase efficiency, accuracy and broaden information availability

Manufacturing, Construction, Technology and Engineering Experience

Extensive experience in manufacturing and related industries

We are proud of our work.

Financial Management, Capital Sourcing, Accounting Services

A Few Of The Businesses We Have Had The Pleasure Of Helping Over The Past 15 Years

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